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We anonymously send your boss (or any other leader in your company) a paperback copy of Insuring Tomorrow: Engaging Millennials in the Insurance Industry. You even decide exactly how he or she will receive it: 1. Just mail them the book with no explanation. 2. Include a note saying this is an anonymous gift from one of their people who thought you’d enjoy it. or 3. Tell them they won it – Include a note telling them they were randomly chosen for a free copy. It’s up to you!

After ordering you need to go to this page: and let us know which of the 3 methods you choose.


The insurance industry is facing a talent and demographic crisis. The average age of an insurance professional is around 60 years old and only 4% of Millennials report having an interest in working in the industry. In the last few years, we have been hiring thousands of Millennials, but we haven't done a good job of engaging them and retaining them. This is your guidebook to grow your Millennials and help them fall in love with the insurance industry.

Carly and Tony have been immersed in the topic for over five years. They are two proud insurance nerds who run the popular insurance blog,

Insuring Tomorrow is our answer to the talent crisis. It is written in the easy to read style of InsNerds while also being informative, engaging, and full of answers to the most perplexing questions and concerns about growing the next generation of insurance superstars.

Where will our future leaders come from?


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