The End of Insurance As We Know It by Rob Galbraith




An international bestseller since its release, The End Of Insurance As We Know It by Rob Galbraith is a once-in-a-generation book that goes into detail on why the insurance industry, long considered stodgy and boring, is experiencing foundational changes that are unprecedented in modern memory. The confluence of cheap sensors that “observe” all manner of behaviors to cloud computing which is able to store these massive data setts to AI and the development of advanced algorithms that can make sense of it all, the fundamentals of how risk is measured and financed are shifting rapidly. Additionally, millennials are becoming the largest cohort in the workforce and technology startups target insurance, funded by a sea of venture capital flowing into the sector, prod traditional incumbents to innovate or perish with “insurtech”. This powerful confluence of trends will result in massive upheaval in the $5 trillion industry over the next decade and beyond.Whether you are a seasoned insurance professional, a technologist seeking to improve the industry, an entrepreneur seeing lots of opportunities or an investor looking for quick insights on how to profit from disruption, this book is an essential guide to lead you on the coming journey.

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